Monday, March 29, 2010

airbrush nonsense

We've been doing airbrush lately, and it's sort of a disaster but I think I've taken to it pretty well. There are some practice exercises with cubes and spheres, and then my first attempt at a caricature. The caricature is supposed to be a portrait done from memory of someone we know, so I tried to do my cousin Kristin. Don't worry, I'm doing it again, and this time not entirely out of airbrush.

home state post card

For this assignment we had to illustrate a post card for our home state, but it couldn't be something that's been overdone. Being from Missouri, I decided to do a toasted ravioli. STL BABY! This was done in watercolor I believe.

gouache pick out technique

I do not like this. This is a technique where we have to paint large blocks of color and then pick it out again so it's lighter. I suck at it. For these pics we had to do a montage of three images. I'd say my most successful is the old dude but that one still needs work. Otherwise i have a horse with a lime and a fence, and a duck with a cupcake and balloons. I think there are elements of each one that are good but most of the stuff needs work. oy vey.

Friday, March 5, 2010

allllllllllrighty then!

This is my midterm portfolio. yay!!

So I chose my bluebird, my rhino, my creepy girl, a boot, and my dog line art. I'd say it shows a little bit of versatility in technique, color, and compositions, and I think all of them are pleasing to look at. My favorite is probably the creepy girl or the boot. The boot is awesome because it was just really loose and turned out to be cool looking. On the girl I like her eyes. The dog is fun because it shows conceptualization (it goes with an article about a neuroscientist studying dog brains) and it's pretty clean. My rhino is a fun example of texture, and the bluebird shows a fun use of simple colors and value. Basically, I'm awesome. :-P

Monday, March 1, 2010

absurdly large watercolor

This is an absurdly large watercolor I did. It's basically a scary girl with a LOT of freckles. I had to go over her color like 5 times to make her look good enough, and I splattered her colors. My favorite part is probably her eyes. The hair was a nightmare. We don't talk about that.