Monday, November 9, 2009

Final October, Red Barn, and Society of Illustrators

Ok, so we finalized the October spread last week, and now we've done our second revs of Society of Illustrators and Red Barn. I didn't have a first rev really of either of these things, and what I did have was SAD. So now I have some fun things. For the Society of Illustrators I've spent quite a bit of time looking for a picture and an illustrator, about 4 hours total. Then I took about 5 hours trying to make my big picture look right, since it came from quite a tiny picture. I eventually used a few filters to work it out. The layout took about 4 hours total, including the initial layout that I had. I am pretty happy with the way it looks at this point, and got all positive feedback. My concept is "we see you" and it's a bunch of sweet looking eyes, and the 2 color side is a dark blue and a pink. It's kinda cool.

For the Red Barn stuff, I went with a fun whimsical graphic feel instead of using photos. I wanted to use some fun colors and bold simplistic illustrations. Time-wise on this one, it took me about 1.5 hours to get all of my fun things drawn, and about 2 hours to lay out the mailer. The poster, magazine ad, and banner took about 15 minutes a piece, since I had the basic idea down. Comments were generally positive, but the graphics might need some tweaking.

Watch for pics!

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