Sunday, October 25, 2009

Ok, time to blog some more.

We have a few new assignments. One is a Red Barn park pamphlet, one is the october spread, and we also have a society of illustrators assignment. I have some pics for the october spread, 2 so far. As far as the red barn pamphlet is concerned, I'm not sure yet how I want to approach it, besides having a bank of photos to work with. We have a society of illustrators thing to do as well, and for that we had to present concepts. Mine is a zombie type of thing, since there are some really sweet zombie and horror illustrations out there. I want the illustration to be one of those horror, bright color, heavy stroke types of deals, with a cool headline that relates, maybe something about infection, or "you're next" or something about brains. Something awesome. We have the october spread due for this coming week, and for that i need to work with the "october" part and the pictures. hopefully i can come up with something pretty decent :) We also had to turn in one of the three professional photo things, and i turned in my ad. See midterm portfolio below for a visual :) People like the new october spread, for the big photo and the fading, not as much the red text and its placement, but they like the headline also.

Here's the first go at october

Here's the second one:

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