Tuesday, October 13, 2009


Ok I guess the midterm is finally here! I revised everything about 536 times so let's hope something's good!
I chose the Rapala ad, my three "choose your own photo" layouts, Shut Up and Dance, and How Safe.
How Safe:
Thoughts- I like this layout. It came pretty easily to me and I just had to tweak here and there. I think it's effective in grabbing attention and works well visually.
Production info: 4 color, 2 page spread, full bleed, 10x16, gilligan list

Thoughts-This one was kind of challenging for me because I'm not much of a fisher and there's a decent amount of copy. I tried incorporating some interesting typography and appealing imagery. This one took several revisions to get to the final point, but I think it turned out pretty well, and I worked hard to make the typesetting as good as possible.
Production info: 4 color, 2 page spread, full bleed, 11x17

Three photo layouts:
Thoughts--I'm happy with this ad. I decided to go with anthropologie's look (and brand) as my inspiration, because these elephants are something one might find in the store. I went with the clean look often present in anthro ads, with some items on the side that might be interesting to the same viewer. I like the cleanliness of this ad and I think it works well with the audience. Out of the three photo layouts, this one took absolutely the most revising.
Production Info: 2 page, 11x17, full color, full bleed
Magazine Spread:
Thoughts--This spread is called "The Joy of Candles" and talks about candles and their history and how wonderful they are. I think the typesetting went well for this ad and I'm happy with the headline and graphics. It went much better than the original rainbow striped version.
Production info: 4 color, 2 page spread, 11x17, full bleed
Thoughts--For the poster I chose to advertise for the International Ceramics Festival. My original layout looked nice but had no concept, so for my revision I had the challenge of coming up with the concept, and I chose finding inspiration, with a texture of words on either side that may be inspirations for people. I think it turned out well and it's visually interesting.
Production info: 13x19, full bleed, 4 color

Shut Up and Dance
Thoughts: I chose this poster because it looked decent and although it was just an exercise I actually spent a reasonable amount of time on it doing photoshop work and shooting photography. I thought it expressed the attitude of the event well.
Production info: 13x19, 2 color black and one PMS, no bleed, gilligan list.

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