Friday, October 2, 2009


I haven't been on the blog in a while I miss it! I don't have a couple of the layouts that should have been on here because I already revised them without saving my old drafts, so we'll just have to go with what I have now. I put up my final stress layout which pretty much sucks. I'll be sure and change that before portfolio review. I also have my two final food layouts, both of which I am actually pretty happy about! I decided to go in a somewhat different direction with the donuts and make cute illustrations instead of finding crappy photos. I think it turned out well, and i like my little crumbs and small touches like that. The how safe was pretty decent from the beginning but just needed some tweaking here and there. My final touch was to lead the main body copy to match with the height of the sidebar. Overall, I think they turned out well. For my fish one, The first draft was a drawing that was AWFUL and basically had to be completely trashed. We won't count that one. For the second one I found a badass fish picture and I wanted it to be big because it was so cool. I don't think that the headline is probably fully resolved yet but we can always fix that :D Overall, I think things are actually going pretty well as of now. Working hard, staying up late.

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