Tuesday, September 1, 2009


So as of now I have made my german poster, and my idea for the ceramics poster hasn't come yet. Ones that have come are just stupid. So, for my german one, I wanted to make it kind of goofy, so I was gonna make a sausage man wearing the traditional lederhosen and socks with sandals, and call him veenerman, but he looked a little strange so I made a little ball guy instead :) He is happy and shouting WUNDERBAR! I just wanted the feel of this to be silly and happy and cartoonie, so that's what I did with the brush stroke and the fonts. It will get attention if nothing else! Not too much of a grid structure involved, but I did make ONE gridline haha. I decided not to include AS many details as the original, and got rid of that lame "C" joke (what the hell?). I just added a touch of graphics with some light circles in the background reflecting the shape of my veenerballman. As for the ceramics flyer, we'll see what happens. I'm not guaranteeing a masterpiece.

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